In the Sydney Q & A, Richard Armitage said  he is going back to New Zealand to film The Battle of Five Armies, or should he say, the Battle of Six Armies, which includes The Armitage Army, of course. As we should be, the Armitage Army stands by our man. We will be there with him in spirit, and he knows it. He has seen us in the 700+ women and men who came to see him on May 1st in Sydney. He has met over the years in real life several of his Army troops, the latest being Meri & Lady Oakenshield in Sydney. I’ve been thinking about what that means to him. Whether he thinks about US as we think about HIM. I like to think that he does. That we are a tantalizing mystery to him as he is a tantalizing mystery to us. Imagine it.

And I thought of this sort of poem, dedicated to RA and his fans.

RA eyes closed 2

Dream lover, who are you loving tonight? Is your love real or are you dreaming?Dreaming of us?

We are part of each other now. You know us and we know you but we are dreams to each other. Each with our role to play in this dance of the unknown.

We put you together picture by picture, part by part. You tell but you don’t, you share but you won’t. But now that we’ve seen you, looked in your eyes, you have told us what we need to know. You are real.

Dream lover, you are always there for us we can count on you. We hope your lover is real we hope you are happy. But when you dream, you know you sometimes dream of us. As our lovers are real, but sometimes we dream of you.

RA lucas bed

We are part of you, you do not deny our existence. You have seen us and touched us and smiled at us. Do you wonder who we are, as we wonder who you are? We know that you do, that you wonder about us as we wonder about you.

Dream lover, we will dance, we will dream, we will forever be unknown to each other, yet know each other intimately, as only lovers do.

RA NS looking

Pictures from RichardArmitageNet.com.



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11 Responses to Dreamlover

  1. Servetus says:

    I’d have picked this up yesterday for Legenda, but the link disappeared. Glad it’s back — will link next week.

    I think he wonders about what fans are saying — who wouldn’t? — but not anything like in the detail with which we wonder about him. Just the time calculation would make any kind of meaningful information gathering on his part it irrational. If I told you how much time I spend reading about what fans are saying about him every week, the number would astound you, and I don’t read everything — I only cover blogs, the edges of tumblr, a bit of twitter, and a bit of fanfic. I’m not heavily into tumblr, I don’t tweet except to broadcast my own links, I don’t read any of the forums regularly, and I’m not actively looking for new fanfic. And I only do that in languages I can read. Oh, and I don’t cover the press about him. In short — in order to devote the attention to us (and to reading about his general appearance in the media) that we devote to him, he’d easily spend forty hours a week or more just on the Internet. It’s not plausible. I wouldn’t discount the possibility that he occasionally dives in for whatever reason, but that he’s a regular consumer … I really, really doubt it. It’s a provocative fantasy, though.

    • marieastra8 says:

      Yikes! I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff put on the internet every day about him! I was thinking about how as a human being he must wonder who all these people are that are obsessed with him. The only real knowledge he has about his fans is when he sees them on the red carpet, or reads fanmail, or even better when he meets them like Meri and Bec and has an opportunity to exchange a few words with them. I was thinking about how he must think sometimes about fans he’s seen and things he’s read. And that’s why we try to see him and write to him – so he has ME in his consciousness, even for a moment! Don’t you think?

      • Servetus says:

        Well, that’s not my motivation for blogging, though it’s often attributed to me, but I wouldn’t exclude it as one for other people.

        The thing is that it’s so fleeting. He talked about how much liked that “Havoc Tour” t-shirt repeatedly in interviews, but that doesn’t mean he remembered the person who made it specifically. When she met him and introduced herself, according to her report he was genuinely charmed, but when she was around him again, it sounded like he didn’t remember who she was. It would be nice to think he did, but really you’d have to make more of an impression than that at this point. Honestly, I suspect the only way he’d remember you was in a fairly negative sense — I’ve heard a story like that, too, about a fan who wrote to him all the time and then showed up on the RH set. She disappeared from the fandom immediately after that and the word was that he was not receptive to her.

      • marieastra8 says:

        This is the third time I’m trying to respond. Damn wordpress erased my responses. Grrr.
        Anyway, yes, I’m sure that you are not blogging for the purpose of him reading what you write, nor am I. My blog is for me and for fans. I would not want him to read my blog. Why, I wonder? Maybe because of that possibility of a negative reaction? Embarrassing. But as a fan all you can hope for is a moment. A moment where he knows YOU are his fan. I was desperate to send him a fan letter when I first became his fan. How weird. I’ve never really sent fanmail to actors before. Not since I was a little girl, anyway. And since I got the dopey form letter signed by him I’ve been happy with that. I would have been thrilled to have him look at me for a moment and know that I was the one who gave him the tee shirt he liked. What else can you expect? Yes, you can dream that he will love your letter so much that he will call you up and say let’s discuss your ideas for my career. LOL!! Not going to happen!! That’s fandom. More to say, but posting this before it gets eaten again.

      • Servetus says:

        advice: whenever you write a long comment in WP — when you’re finished, put it in your clipboard (control/command A, control/command C) before pressing the reply button. That way if WP eats it, it’s still in your clipboard and control/command V will put it right back down for another try.

        I guess I’m not interested in him knowing that I, specifically, am a fan. That may make me strange. I’ve never written him a letter with the plan to send it, although I’ve written many that are filed in drafts on my blog. I also thought that solid evidence that he knew about my blog specifically would probably kill the blog, but that’s a whole different can of worms. Part of is that if you postulated a reverse reciprocation, I am so much more open about myself on the blog than he is in terms of perceptibility by me. He could know a lot more about me by reading my blog than I know about him. I regularly say things on the blog that I would not want him to know, because I admire him a great deal and if he were to know me, I’d prefer him to see a better side of me than comes through on the blog.

        I could say more, but I guess what I am saying is that while I certainly spend a lot of time wondering about him, it’s not a fantasy of mine that he would wonder at all about me in specific. I’d prefer he didn’t, actually. And I know a lot of people who feel the same way. So I think fans are split on this. I’m sure there are some people who want to be perceived in specific by him, but I think the push to see him is equally conditioned on fans’ desire to perceive “the real” him (an illusory desire on both sides).

      • marieastra8 says:

        thanks for the WP tip. Thank you for engaging in a discussion about fandom. That is why I am writing my blog. I am different from my friends who are most def not into fandom. I want to understand what it is about the people, places, things that I obsess over that hits me so deeply. I don’t know why I was so desperate to send him fan mail. Why am I different from you? You seem able to accept him as an ultimately unknowable fantasy and I am foolishly unable to see past him as a person? I think you are more realistic.

      • Servetus says:

        I worry sometimes that I work unintentionally as a bubble-burster. I, too, desperately want to understand what’s going on with me and other friends who are fans. (At least partially because I hadn’t done this before and when it hit, it hit like a hurricane.) I stubbornly refuse to believe that this is only about some combination of either (a) meaninglessness (b) pleasure orientation or (c) escapism. While I don’t cast aspersions on people for whom one or more of those three things is true, I also feel like it’s supposed to be telling me something and I better figure it out.

        I don’t think that my position is more inherently realistic. It is also a case that there is a real person named Richard Armitage, for instance. Thinking of him as a fantasy meets my needs just the way that thinking of him as a real person (and writing him a fan letter) meets yours.

      • marieastra8 says:

        YES! That is what I think too! There are reasons for the hurricane. My experience with prior *obsessions* is that I have learned something each time. I have identified a new aspect of myself, or gained a new skill, or found a new book, or even a new philosophy of life, as I did with HJ and the School of Practical Philosophy. Something is out there for me to learn from Richard Armitage. Don’t know what it is yet, though! Other than to have learned how to tweet. Hope that’s not it. LOL. Hugs to you, Servetus. I so appreciate your dialogue!

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