Christmas in Armitage World

Edit: ANOTHER new Ascroft!

tumblr_mm55wbkQn41s7ionwo1_1280 ra

Today, May 1st, is an amazing day in Armitage World. There have been numerous interviews and photo shoots, Q&A’s, print articles and even RL meetings of Armitage Army members with our Commander in Chief!! Phew! Sensory overload!! TWO new photos by Robert Ascroft.

RA black tee and another one:

RA chocolateThis is not a Tumblr account, so pictures are not as gorgeous looking as on that, but really, these are beautiful portraits. I can’t wait for guylty to do an *oof* of them. See to see what I mean.

On top of all that, the Armitage Army was out in force at a Q&A with Mr. Armitage in Sydney, Australia. We are still waiting for the reports from that event. Some pictures have surfaced:


Plus there has been amazing shout-outs on Australian radio to some of the Army’s most loyal troops. Mr. Armitage has admitted that he reads some of his own websites “to get book ideas”. (Yeah right) But at least he knows that we are an intelligent, loyal and well-read Army!

We’ve also found out that he’s “an animal” on the dance floor once he’s had a drink or two. And he does karaoke under the same circumstances. LOL! Our shy man admits he’s not so shy with people he knows, but he just can’t handle big groups of people he doesn’t know, especially when someone he’s talking to looks around the room while he’s talking to them.

Just so excited that some of my fellow AA troops have met Mr. Armitage and have gotten to see him up close at the Q&A in Sydney. And all the lovely interviews. Can’t help but contrast the shining, delicious Richard of Sydney with the cardigan and striped tie Richard giving one after another interview in March, struggling while he was suffering with what seemed to be a sore throat and bad cold.

RA march 2013 int  tumblr_mm3kcaMCqS1qgrjvxo3_250 pink

LONDON                                                           SYDNEY

And more to come!

Thanks to RACentral, RAnet, Crystal Chandlyre for pics. 



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4 Responses to Christmas in Armitage World

  1. guylty says:

    Christmas alright. This is Christmas, Easter and birthday together, marie! In fact I have completely written off today as I have been nothing for the last roundabout 20 hours but fangirl over interviews, footage and now the new images. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that blue background image. Straight to the ovaries. And that is soooooo getting the next *ooof* treatment, I am ditching the one that I had already started and start from scratch with this – with a special dedication to you (cos I love getting requests!).
    Ahhhh, how will we ever come down from this high?

    • marieastra8 says:

      I KNOW!!! Eeeks! I actually took the day off because I knew I would never get any work done in the office today. I am spending all day *ooofing* over it all! Thank you for hearing my plea! 😀

  2. Servetus says:

    Thanks for the link love!

  3. jasrangoon says:

    I really is like Christmas! Except as an adult I’m finding this way more exciting. 😉

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