Let’s Be Honest – A YouTube Prayer

I thought this was hilarious. LOL!

I wonder how many women feel the same way??  Do you want to marry Richard Armitage? It is so interesting to me that so many of the women I’ve met so far in Armitage World are spiritual, intelligent and utterly smitten with the man.  This song gets it so right – it’s not about the physical, but the spiritual and intellectual attraction as well.

How many of us were attracted by his love of the cello? How many by his love of reading? How many by his cardigans? How many by commitment to his craft? What sealed the deal for you?



From New York City. Anglophile, theater-goer, love books, music and LIFE.
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33 Responses to Let’s Be Honest – A YouTube Prayer

  1. Servetus says:

    Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    [Still grading.] What sealed the Armitage deal for you? [comments over there.]

  2. Servetus says:

    Uch. Marry him? (Servetus cringes). Who wants to get married? But I get the point. 🙂

  3. Obscura says:

    That is fantastic! Initially there was that certain je ne sais quoi quality to him…lately, I’ve been totally taken in by the glimpses of a sass behind the sweetness 🙂

  4. guylty says:

    Hahaha, brilliant. What a great find. Those ladies can sing and have a good argument there.
    Marry Armitage myself? Eh, no. I couldn’t cope with the celebrity lifestyle and the constant competition. He’s great as an imaginary movie boyfriend, and he’d possibly make a good friend as he seems to be a decent guy. Besides that – two artists together? No way Jose – too much selfishness for it to be sustainable. I’ll leave Armitage to you.

  5. bollyknickers says:

    This is fantastic! I’m not sure about marrying RA but I want these chicks as my friends!

    Back to the question…in a parallel universe in which the lovely Mr bollyknickers did not exist, would I want to marry RA? No. It would be a disaster. His partner would need to be far more independent and less demanding than I am. Mr bolly travels a lot but woebitide him if he gets distracted and forgets to call! I don’t need a partner to be always physically present but he must be emotionally present and I think when RA gets absorbed in a role, he shuts out real life.

    But the rows and making up would be fun for a while! 😉

  6. marieastra8 says:

    Would I really like to marry Armitage? How could one possibly know unless you knew the guy in RL?? We only know an image, right? And then there’s the celebrity lifestyle, as you say. Can’t be a lot of fun. I would really like to meet him, though. And, of course, if he fell in love with me instantly, well, what would I do??? 😀

    • Servetus says:

      I find marriage as such pretty unattractive as an option. If I met him, and he wanted to marry me, I’d ask if we couldn’t just skip that piece 🙂

      • Obscura says:

        The longer I’m married, the more I think it is a rather artificial construct cooked up to support patriarchy…people can (and many do) make lifetime commitments without the documents…that said, I have no plans to be unmarried – unless I get a better offer 😉

      • Servetus says:

        I totally respect other people’s choice to marry and I can understand why it would be advantageous in terms of child welfare. It seems primarily to me to be a legal arrangement. If I were going to have kids with a partner and make other sacrifices for that purpose, depending on the setting, I might want that legal protection, as I would for any shared project. It’s a choice like any other. But one I am glad not to have made 🙂 with or without Richard Armitage.

      • marieastra8 says:

        I never wanted to marry. Still, if it was RA??? I don’t know…..I am imagining that there was a relationship before the offer, of course. 🙂

      • Servetus says:

        I would think the more “irresistible” the potential partner, the stronger the reasons not to marry. The potential power differential would be frightening. I would urge anyone I care about *not* to marry someone whom they think they could not walk away from if it became necessary.

  7. Obscura says:

    It’s a strange thing, I have a lot of friends who were couples forever and then got married. Blam – 6 months later, they’re done. I think that maybe a lot of people go in with unrealistic expectations that marriage is some kind of magical state. Not usually ;). As to marriage with RA, current hubby not withstanding, that’s not the direction I would go either 🙂

    • marieastra8 says:

      Marriage is not for everyone. I know lots of people married forever that are happy. Good for them. Even a relationship with someone so far out of your world as a celebrity is hard to imagine. I think about that sometimes in relation to RA. Just imagine what his world is like. NOT LIKE MINE!! 🙂

      • Obscura says:

        RE marriage: absolutely – to each his/her own is my motto :). I suppose celebrity/ordinary people “intersections” happen from time to time, but it has to take A LOT of compromise on one or both parts to work I would guess.

      • Servetus says:

        To me, one major obstacle would be the red carpet thing and the fact that the gossip mags would constantly be taking the temperature of one’s relationship. I always used to joke that if I were “with” him I’d pay someone else to go to red carpet events on his arm. If you were married and didn’t go to red carpets, would people think you were splitting? Blech. No thanks.

  8. marieastra8 says:

    That’s why I think he would keep someone special in his life out of that atmosphere. Presumable you don’t HAVE to parade your private life on the red carpet. I don’t think all celebrities bring their SOs to the red carpet.

    • Northern gal says:

      I think he’s had serious relationships in the past and hasn’t paraded his SO in front of the public. Why would we expect him to act differently if he were married?

  9. What a great question. Would I marry Richard Armitage. Honestly, I would LOVE to marry him, however, I would have to really get to know him first and I have a feeling that if I did I would then NOT want to marry him at all. God knows that RA is extraordinary eye candy, and I am sure that he is a genuinely nice man, but I never viewed him as being particularly great marriage material. I agree with Bollyknickers and Servetus observations about RA. When RA is working on a project he tunes everything else out and that is not healthy for a relationship. Even if you are a woman who does not need to be joined at the hip to your man, not having him at least emotionally present can be very damaging to a relationship. I am also not quite convinced that RA would put his wife above his career.

    RA has also said that he is moody. My feelings can get hurt easily, so I could not live with a moody person. I find it difficult to deal with moody friends, so there is no way that I wouls live with a man who is moody.

    I would have lots of perks living the celebrity wife lifestyle, but overall I don’t think I would like it.

  10. Helen says:

    Utterly brilliant. I must say I’d be pretty proud to go down the red carpet on his arm 😉

    But the even more burning question is where do those delicious black & whites of RA playing the cello come from?

  11. It’s an interesting question. Having been married to someone who’s frequently moody & pretty much emotionally unavailable… I think I’m well trained for the moodiness-consort role (snort) but might like to be adored for a bit. Please, I’d like some clingy, cloying adoration for a moment. — If it came from RA, that would be delicious. Can you imagine him walking with you in the woods? Reading with you? FEEDING YOU GRAPES OMG #$PRJKDFKSJKLKKKcan’teven… sorry. I had to hose down for a moment. 😉 But I agree with Servetus, Bollyknickers, & Collarcitybrownstone. One of the things that strongly drew me to him in the first place was his commitment to his art; but that would also be a primary mistress for him. Any flesh-and-blood lover would have to understand that, and make major allowances.

  12. Oh!! But I LOVED the video!! 😀

  13. Joanna says:

    Hilarious vid with very talented RAfangirls!
    Our popular folk saying is:” Why buy a cow if you just want a milk?” 😉

  14. Cute song and video. But I would never marry a man more beautiful than me 😉

    • marieastra8 says:

      LOL! Aww, even if he was totally in love with you? Actually, it’s an interesting question. One of my best friends married a man who was absolutely stunning. She really had to go through a lot before she could accept that he actually, really loved her. It’s like that Dove video, right?

      • When I was 18, my first boyfriend was a model. I was so thrilled. But my older brother is a photographer who works with designers so I eventually found out that he was with me so he could get an “in” with the designers, even though he denied it. But the thing that drove me up the wall was that he’d be the first to look at a mirror – any mirror. And he even had a mirror above his toilet LOL and I was like “why would anyone have a mirror above his —” then I got it. He’d have something to look at while he did his business 🙂

        Not to mention the vigilance LOL

        But with Richard, I’m just kidding. No, on second thought, I’m not. He’s still more beautiful than me 😉

      • marieastra8 says:

        LOL! I had a friend who had pictures of her parents up in her bathroom! I thought that was the strangest choice! And I don’t believe you about Richard. I think you wouldn’t let the fact that he was so beautiful deter you from a relationship! Just saying… 😛

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