LOTR: Evangeline Lilly – Lucky Lady

I’ve written on this blog before about my obsession with The Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. It was through The Hobbit movie that I discovered my current obsession, Richard Armitage. In fangirling RA and The Hobbit, I found that Evangeline Lilly, known to most of us as Kate from the American tv show “Lost”, is in The Hobbit movie, playing a character named Tauriel, a forest elf.


The little I know about Tauriel is that she is a woodland elf, in the service of Elf King Thranduil and when the Company of Dwarves arrives in the Enchanted Forest one of them, Kili, played by the sexy Aidan Turner, becomes attracted to her. I don’t know the whole story line, but I’m guessing she’s not interested.

kili   Kili        aidan turner

Mitchell in Being Human

While filming The Hobbit, Evangeline Lilly apparently became friends with Richard Armitage, because this picture was found online


RA and El closeupThey look so happy! They are going to a local movie premiere in New Zealand, where they were filming The Hobbit.

When I saw this picture of EL and RA, I remembered that she was in a movie with my former obsession, Hugh Jackman. They appeared together in the film Real Steel. She even got to kiss him!

?????????????? And here they are together at the Real Steel premiere:

jackman-lilly-premiere-real-steel-01 According to Wikipedia, Evangeline Lilly served as a missionary in the Philippines and a flight attendant. She was married to Canadian hockey player Murray Hone. From 2004 to 2009, she dated Lost co-star Dominick Monaghan. She had her first child with boyfriend Norman Kali in Hawaii in May 2011. She supports various causes. I have seen her messages on Twitter encouraging support for them.

I liked Evangeline Lilly on Lost. I thought she did a good job with portraying a complicated woman. It wasn’t exactly Shakespeare, but I thought she was believable.  I’m not sure how I feel about Tauriel, though. Tolkien had very few women characters in his books, so to make the movie version more female-friendly Peter Jackson has tweaked the stories somewhat. In the LOTR movies he beefed up Arwen’s part. In The Hobbit he has created a new character. I am looking forward to seeing The Desolation of Smaug because I would like to see the new twist on The Hobbit that PJ has introduced. I am not sure I will like it.

I was trying to think deeper about why EL interested me enough to write this post. I was going to say that I am jealous of EL because she is so beautiful and has had the opportunity to work with at least two of my obsessions. But I really am not jealous of her. Actresses get to work with a lot of hot men and terrific actors and if I had wanted to be an actor I could have been. If I had gone into acting, though, I wouldn’t have gotten the roles that she got because I am not skinny with lots of long hair. My acting teacher said I would be typecast as a mother and I was so horrified by that (at the age of 17) that I decided acting wasn’t for me. LOL! I thought then that the point of acting was to be the ingenue, the beauty queen and that if as a woman you weren’t seen that way why bother. Sad, really.

In retrospect I understand what the teacher saw in me. I don’t think now that a career playing mothers would have been terrible. I might have played a mother to one of Hugh Jackman’s or Richard Armitage’s children! Wow, think about that! LOL!!

LT and Tauriel



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13 Responses to LOTR: Evangeline Lilly – Lucky Lady

  1. Oh, I didn’t mean to put you down in any way with the evangeline lilly comment – just thought to refer you to other better pics of her as Tauriel that are not manipulated at all. Also you don’t need to post the first comment or this one since I didn’t know how to send you the links to the other images other than as a comment 🙂

  2. kathryngaul says:

    Hi. I have only just discovered your blog this very minute, courtesy of Servetus. I like your style! Is there a way to subscribe to your blog so I get email notification of future posts, please, the way I do with Servetus’ latest posts?

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  4. I’ve never seen lost so I am looking forward to the next hobbit movie and a strong female character even though she was not in the book. I have read evangeline wasn’t easy to work with on the lost set. And something about her bugs me; don’t know why-she seems nice enough & I admire her humanitarian efforts.

    • Marie Astra says:

      Huh. I wonder what bugs you about her. She is certainly a “type” – the perky little Hollywood gal. The thing that saves her for me is her Tolkien love. She really seems to love Tolkien’s work, and be a bit geeky, too. I can’t really see her with Dominic Monaghan, though, who she was with for a while during Lost, I remember. ? THANKS for your comment!

  5. Sandy Sue says:

    When I first saw that pic of EL and RA on the red carpet last year I was struck by how dang good they look together. And then at the Hollywood premiere of DoS, with EL in that gorgeous silvery/elf-like gown and RA in his elegant suit. Yowsa! They are just prettyprettypretty.

    • Marie Astra says:

      Aren’t they? She seems to be in a very solid relationship with her baby daddy in Hawaii, so I’m guessing, not an intimate connection, but WOW great chemistry!! 😀

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