Richard Armitage – Dancer

Although the posting I did of Richard Armitage in a Cats rehearsal hasn’t been one of my most favored posts, I am posting a video, again thanks to Crystal Chandlyre, which shows Richard Armitage dancing. Again, I love this video. I love watching dancing and am a great fan of ballet, particularly of The American Ballet Theater. There were two dancer in ABT that I really liked, Angel Cabrera and Jose Manuel Carreno. Both have retired from the ABT, which is very sad.

angelcorella-corsario          acorella32


Angel Corella, above. Jose Manuel Carreno below.

Carreno         carreno1


I saw these dancer many times, dancing at Lincoln Center for the American Ballet Theater. The ballets I saw them perform were galaxies away from the West End production of Cats.  Nevertheless, I am quite excited to see the video of Richard Armitage dancing in that production. How I wish I could have seen him dancing then. I wish there were better videos of him dancing. He is an exciting dancer from what I could see. ‘

Thanks to,,, and Crystal Chandlyre@ You Tube for the pics/video.



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5 Responses to Richard Armitage – Dancer

  1. I would love to have seen him in this, because one of the things I enjoy about him – as a dancer myself, although not nearly as well-trained – is his physicality and his understanding of his body and its abilities (and I mean that in an entirely non-sexual way). There’s something so satisfying to me about the work of movement that it’s just fun to watch him at it, whether it’s in Cats or swinging Orcrist in Goblintown.

  2. marieastra8 says:

    Thanks for the comment, Christine. I really never wanted to see Cats, even though it played for eons in NYC. but every time I watch this video (ok, so I’ve watched it more than once!) I find myself smiling a big smile. I love dance and to see Richard leaping about the stage just makes me happy. I so wish he would do theater. Even without the dancing! 🙂

  3. 😉 Glad you did. I have a new video posted just this week of the number Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats. Hope to get around to do more soon.

    I saw CATS in the 80’s, when it came to Los Angeles. Actually, I think I saw it twice as a friend had season tickets. It was an amazing production which opened with thousands of cat eyes staring at you from around the proscenium. Mesmerizing. Everyone cries during Memory, which became a huge radio hit – which was nothing compared to hearing it live.

    And if I had seen Richard dance CATS live, I would have been a relentless Groupie.

    • marieastra8 says:

      Hi, Crystal! Thanks for your comment. And thanks again for the videos. It is such a treat to see RA the Dancer! I’m still hoping that he does Broadway one of these days. Fingers crossed! 😀
      Thanks for reading.

  4. felinefemale says:

    Hi Crystal – thankyou so much for your videos of Richard dancing in Cats and I DID see him in the original in London’s West End – only, I didn’t know then it was our Richard. I just know I was mesmerized by the pysique, strength, and gracefulness of the tallest dancer in the cast. He was so athletic and beautiful, that my eyes followed him around the stage. Only years later I found out it was Richard Armitage although I had seen him once or twice before – again not knowing who it was- but I did see his name in a theatre programme but it was not for Cats, he was on tour with some other production.

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