Free Fantasies – Casual Hugh Jackman & Richard Armitage

hugh-jackman sunglasses beard               IMG_0661

Wow, don’t these two really look alike? Hugh Jackman left, Richard Armitage right.

Hugh Jackman lives in New York City with his family in an apartment overlooking the Hudson River. He is often seen walking his dog or going to the gym. I found the following pictures of interest:

Hugh-Jackman-NYC 12-12    hugh-jackman nynews      hugh wife


As you can see, when Hugh walks around New York he is dressed very casually. He is dressed the way most New Yorkers dress. Sometimes he dresses like this:

jackman-leather jacket The reason I am looking at these pictures of Hugh Jackman is because of these pictures of Richard Armitage:
RA Todd Snyderarriving in New Zealand

These pictures of Richard Armitage show him dressed casually. Jeans, leather jacket, untucked shirt. Seems like everyone has an opinion about the picture on the left, which shows Mr. Armitage with designer Todd Snyder in Mr. Snyder’s showroom. Servetus wrote here about her feelings about that picture. And Morrighansmuse here:

I wanted to do this post to point out the similarities in the way both men dress when they are out in RL. They dress like people dress in the city. I looked around me on the way home from work today. The men were mainly wearing windbreakers or hoodies, some had on suits, some had leather jackets. None of them were dressed like this:

RA Glamour-07


Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t men who dress like this lovely, fantasy-inducing photograph of Mr. A., but I don’t see them on a regular basis. If I were a man and a celebrity, I might dress the way Mr. Jackman and Mr. Armitage do in the photos above – leather jacket, jeans, sunglasses, even untucked shirt. Jackman also likes to wear hats.

That said, I want to identify my thoughts about the Todd Snyder photo. When I first saw it my first thought was “No, he is not walking around NYC with his shirt open like that!”. Then I thought “He was walking around NYC and I didn’t see him” (thought in a whining voice, that is). Then I thought “Why is his shirt tails hanging out from the jacket? That looks weird.” Then I saw the chest hair and I stopped thinking and just drooled. 🙂

I am curious about who took the picture. Was it a store clerk? Was it someone traveling with Mr. Armitage? It looks very hurried to me. If they had thought a minute, maybe they would have straightened Mr. A. up a little. Honestly, it looks to me like someone zipped up the leather jacket and undid a couple of buttons on the shirt before they took the picture. That’s the way it looks to me, but I can’t imagine who would do that!

So you see, we all have our own interpretations of a simple photo. As someone who walks around NYC a lot, I have my view of the outfit based on how I see other men dressed. I relate to what I take as Mr. Armitage’s dressing to blend in rather than stand out. I have often felt uncomfortable when riding in a subway all dressed up. You stick out. I’m not saying he was on the subway. He probably was driven to the store for a pre-arranged meeting with the designer. Sadly, not a very sexy fantasy. So feel free to make up your own fantasies, sexy or not, from these pictures.  The ones that really get to me are the top ones, with beards. I just love these particular men and their beards, even though I never particularly liked beards on men. I just want to touch them, they are so attractive to me! Well, really Mr. Armitage’s. I don’t have those kinds of fantasies about Mr. J., although I still deeply admire him.

Thanks to RAnet and various blogs for the pictures.





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4 Responses to Free Fantasies – Casual Hugh Jackman & Richard Armitage

  1. guylty says:

    Interesting to read what the current men’s fashion is in New York – and that these two foreigners have assimilated so well. I think the casual look is just fine.
    As regards the taking of that picture – I agree with you there, it looks hurried, sloppy, simply bad. Probably taken on an old scruffy smartphone which has only got a few pixels left, judging from the fuzziness of it. I am slightly surprised that Snyder, who presumably has an interest in bringing his brand across well, didn’t ask to take more care and time to make this image. The way it is it only serves as a show-off reference that a celebrity was in his store, but it does not present his designs and products in a meaningful and attractiive way. Where was his marketing dept???

    • marieastra8 says:

      I know! That’s why I’m so curious about how it came about that the picture was taken. It did’t show either man to advantage. An opportunity lost!!

      • guylty says:

        I think you put your finger on it – some store clerk was roped in, got a bit nervous, and shot too quickly. Really, I would expect a shop like that to have at least a little compact camera on the premises to properly document such occasions. But well…

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