Today Was a Hugh Jackman Day

First thing this morning I found this posted by Richard Armitage France on Facebook and Twitter:

It really made me laugh that someone in France saw the resemblance between Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage! And it was reported in the news! Tele7jours  They do kind of look alike in those pictures, which were clearly chosen to enhance the comparison.

Then I read in the news that Hugh Jackman was harassed by a stalker brandishing an electric razor.

hugh-jackman nynews

“A California woman obsessed with Hugh Jackman attacked the Aussie actor with an electric razor in a West Village gym because she didn’t like his whiskers, prosecutors said Sunday.

Katherine Thurston, 47, told cops she came to New York two months ago determined to become the married “Les Misérables” star’s second wife.

“I want to marry him,” Thurston told NYPD Detective Frank Francisco, according to a criminal complaint. “This is not against the law. It is not against the law to have two wives.”

Read more:

Here’s how well my family and friends know about my obsessions – I had no less than 5 of them call, email and text me about this story! My brother called and asked if I needed bail money. LOL! They love to tease me.

Stalking is a serious subject though. That is the image a lot of people have of fans in general. Deranged stalkers. I was discussing my RAddiction with my therapist (yes, I am one of those New Yorkers who has a therapist!) and she said it was okay as long as I wasn’t stalking him.  Not that I wouldn’t love to get a glimpse of the man, but you would have to be seriously delusional to think it was okay to follow someone around. It makes me sad to think about people like that.

The last Hugh Jackman thing about today was reading Xenia’s blog  “Armitage Vs Jackman”. Xenia compares Jackman’s openness to talk about his personal life with Armitage’s reticence. When you compare the two it really is quite radically different. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ve known so much about Hugh Jackman for so many years and I am a new Richard Armitage fan, so I feel as though maybe all of you who have been his fans for years know a lot more about him than I do. Or maybe you don’t. Or maybe you don’t want to know.  I totally respect Mr. Armitage’s choice to share whatever information he feels comfortable sharing. But I can’t help feeling like things just don’t add up. Hugh Jackman gives detailed stories about his past. Talks about the people in his life – friends, family, parents, siblings. Mr. Armitage does not. He gives the impression that he is very solitary, staying by himself, preparing for work at all times. And doing solitary things, like mountain climbing and skiing and reading. Wow.  I hope he’s happy, whatever it is he’s doing. He doesn’t have to tell us anything. I just hope he’s happy.

Feeling very sad tonight about the explosions in Boston. Bringing up bad memories of 9/11 for me. Very sad.

Spooks series7-51 Save us, Lucas!

Thanks to RAnet for picture



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15 Responses to Today Was a Hugh Jackman Day

  1. bechep says:

    I think RA’s reluctance to be in the spotlight is one of the things I love about him. Im not a reader of gossip mags – I cant stand stars that splash themselves all over the tabloids by acting like idiots! Love the shy, retiring, quiet Mr Armitage.
    And Im sorry to hear about your bad memories. Aussie Hugs to you (they come with a beer!)

  2. Servetus says:

    Hmm, I wrote a spoof post last summer about a group of fans who attacked him in a hotel room with the goal of eliminating the beard — guess people really do do things like that.

    But yeah, I agree with your therapist and the vast, vast, vast majority of fans would never do something like this. And the people who would aren’t talking about with me on the Internet.

    as far as knowing things about Armitage — if you read all the press from the last ten years you get some idea. He obligingly lets details drop about his favorite books, foods, experiences he’s had. But I would strongly question that we really know more about Jackman. Jackman *says more about himself* — which may or may not correspond to actual information about him. People in this position get coached about how to appear more real without actually giving stuff away and they become expert at it. As bollyknickers pointed out some time ago, this is a technique that actors use — parasocial body language, and revealing details.

  3. marieastra8 says:

    ROFL! I love your beard assault story! The Plain Tornado! Indeed.

    Re Jackman, I don’t know what his favorite ice cream flavor is, but I know about his childhood and how he met his wife and how he adopted his kids, and a lot about his spirituality and the principles by which he lives his life. Don’t know if he was prompted by someone to talk about those things, but I do think it says a lot about him. But Jackman is a very chatty kind of guy, which Armitage seems not to be. Unless he’s talking about acting! Jackman talked a lot about acting, too, I am working on something comparing them.

    • Servetus says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but you know what he said about those things for public consumption. That’s not exactly the same thing as knowing them.

      • marieastra8 says:

        Of course it’s true that you never know how true some things are, but I’m pretty sure that most of what I know about HJ and his family is true. Unless they are all lying for some reason. I can’t say I know how he really feels about anything. I’m basing my assumption about what I do think I know on more than one interview, but rather on personal observations (seeing him with his family members – mom, dad, wife, kids, friends in RL) plus hearing him and them talk about the subjects in various interviews. Plus he did a stage show that was all about himself with pictures as illustration. Still, I’m sure he didn’t reveal anything that wasn’t vetted by a publicist. No reason to think everyone is lying, though.

      • Servetus says:

        The point isn’t truth / lies, I think. Lies are usually pretty easily verifiable/checkable. It doesn’t make sense to lie about something that can be easily checked — especially these days. The point is the choice of an image and that Jackman did all that for you consumption — including, I presume, you seeing him in public (unless you hang around with him privately). Did he have to do “a stage show about himself with pictures as an illustration?” No. That was his choice. So we have to figure everything we see in that setting is something *he* wanted to tell us, and we have to ask ourselves what he is telling us and why. That doesn’t mean necessarily that it’s “false,” but simply that it’s a choice on his part to project that particular image — and you as consumer have decided you like that and want to believe that it’s true. There’s nothing wrong with either of those things (his decisions, your acceptance of them) but it’s an error of reasoning, IMO, to conclude that because he’s selling something successfully and you like it that it’s also true. You know what he wanted to / was willing to tell you. Same as Armitage — just that Armitage has made different choices about what he wants to / is willing to say.

      • marieastra8 says:

        What he’s selling isn’t necessarily true, so I guess you’re right that I can’t say I KNOW something when it’s not necessarily true. I couldn’t know it was true unless I was a personal friend, which I’m not. As you say, though, that doesn’t make what’s being sold false. Like everything else in life, you make a judgement as to whether you think it’s true or false based on observations. Someone who sees a picture in the newspaper might have an image of the person based on that. Someone who spends a lot of time researching the person in the picture could reach a different conclusion. Depends on the data gathered. And where you got the data – print, interviews, personal observation. You make a judgement on whether the image is true or false based on the data gathered.

        All I’m saying is that I feel like I have a lot of data gathered on Jackman, but not that much about Armitage. So I’m more confident in saying I know things about Jackman, but not at all about Armitage. I know the image Armitage is “selling”, but I don’t have enough data to make a judgement of whether I buy it or not. I can say I LIKE it, but I don’t know if it’s true or not.

      • Servetus says:

        I think whether it’s true or not is beside the point (and not only because we will never know, which we likely won’t). Actors are practiced liars, but even all of the things that we non-thespians say about ourselves in our own lives are not true, or not fully true. I’m not opposed to anyone being in a fandom just for the dopamine, but if we want to understand the “why” of an attraction, whether the crush-object is lying or telling the truth is almost beside the point (except possibly in terms of dealbreakers that are firmly established both in the history of the crush-object and in one’s own philosophical value standards, e.g., for me, “I could never have a crush on Charlie Sheen because he’s abusive to his partners”). But most things we learn don’t fall in that category. So the question that’s more useful in terms of the “why” is: “What is important to me about it, if it were true?” To take a concrete example: “It if were true that Hugh Jackman’s philosophical principles are what they seem to be, why would that be important to me?” (Why are those principles especially important to me? Why is it important to have this reminder of them, one that continually supplies a good feeling, in front of me right now?) That’s a harder question to answer, but in my opinion a more important one.

      • marieastra8 says:

        Thank you, Professor! True, very true. The questions that dig deeper, that go beyond the surface examination of the subject. First I have to answer the question of what I believe about the subject, whether it’s “really” true or false is not the point – it’s what I believe. Then dig deeper – if it were true, why is that important to me, what does that tell me about myself.

        I wish I could be your student! You’re a very good teacher. And I was a history major in college! LOL!

      • tresa4love says:

        I think when you meet someone a few times when there are no cameras around, if you are a very observant person, you can pick up a decent amount about them to help you verify whether some of your presuppositions are true regarding an entertainer. I recently got the opportunity to meet Hugh Jackman a few times and everything about the man seemed completely genuine. I got to meet his wife as well, and it was very obvious to me that they shared just as strong of a bond as I had observed in interviews and pictures. I observed the way he interacted with people, and it was clear that he is legitimately humble and a man who opens his heart with people. On top of that, he did something for me that was incredibly generous, and he was one of the kindest people I ever encountered. It was also evident through the encounters that he is indeed quite spiritual. You said actors are trained to lie, and while generally that is true, that does not mean all actors follow through with that. I agree with what you say when it comes to most celebrities, but with Hugh Jackman, I don’t believe he is coached into acting a certain way or saying certain things about himself. His own publicist has said Hugh Jackman doesn’t necessarily take his advice anyway. If you hear people talk about Jackman’s past and personality who knew him before he was famous, they say he is exactly the same now as he was then. If you hear what Jackman’s colleagues have to say about him – even extras on set – you find that he has consistently made an excellent impression on everyone to the point where they say he is one of the nicest, most sincere, and humble people they have ever encountered. My encounters with Jackman only further verified what I already had observed and researched, and I would be inclined to believe what Jackman says as true. He’s someone who often admits his mistakes and weaknesses publicly anyway. He’s not one to hide. But definitely, I agree with your comments. I just think Jackman is an exception to the rule. I believe he is absolutely genuine.

      • NYCPAT says:

        Thank you so much for your comment! You are so lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know him a bit in real life. I am so happy to hear that he’s what I imagined him to be. He has enriched my life immeasurably. Hope you have more opportunities to meet with him! Thanks again!

  4. Servetus says:

    Or the corresponding question in the case of Armitage: “Why is it an issue for me that Armitage reveals relatively little about his romantic life in comparison to some other actors?” (Why am I troubled by my lack of information on this topic?)

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