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guy in leatherI know it’s not Guyday Friday, but I was thinking about mujer tropical’s question on her blog My Sort of Bloke

Do you feel sorry for  Sir Guy? Is he just a misunderstood man who had a lot of bad breaks and no one loved? Or is he just, well, evil? I am reminded about the debate we had when I was a major Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan (another one of my obsessions) and we argued endlessly about Spike, the vampire who loved Buffy and even got a soul in hopes that she would return his love.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Spike_Buffy leatherAs you can see, Spike also wore leather. The Buffy writers, including the famous Joss Whedon, as well as David Fury,who, after Buffy, was a writer for Lost, 24, and Fringe, did not want Spike to be a good guy, but the actor who played Spike, James Marsters, brought so much personal attractiveness to the character that the fans absolutely thought him worthy of Buffy. It was purely the talent of the actor that transformed the character into a sympathetic one, even though he was really eeeevil according to the writers.guy tied up

spike tied up

In the same way Sir Guy seemed never to be meant to be more than someone to make the forest boy look tough, and be the Sheriff’s whipping boy sidekick. By casting Richard Armitage, though, the writers got more than they intended. Mr. A. brought so much personal attractiveness (Yikes!) and acting ability to the role, that the character took on layers that made his actions more ambiguous. Was he sincere in his love of Marian, wanting to win her love so he would have some positive direction in his life? Or was he just being controlling and narcissistic, wanting her just to spite Robin? It’s not clear, mainly because, in my opinion, the writers wanted something different from the what the actor was portraying. So, yes, Guy was a failure on the part of RA because he didn’t play the character as written, but no, he absolutely was a triumph not a failure, because the fans LOVED him!

What’s not to love??
guy shirtless 2 guy shirtlessSpike-Buffy-shirtlessBoth Spike and Guy are the Beta bad guys. They take their orders from the Alpha bad guy – the Sheriff in Guy’s case, and whoever the Big Bad was at the time – Angel the vampire when he lost his soul, the Master, or Adam, the Frankenstein-like creation. Spike and Guy both seemed to get more than their share of having their asses kicked, even by the women they “loved”.

guy and sheriffAngelSpike4b

Of course, the big difference between Guy and Spike is that Spike got the girl he wanted, for a while anyway, while poor Sir Guy never got more than a kiss.

Spike-Buffy 5

guy and marian 2Both Guy and Spike are also both smirkers and ironic commentators on the good guys.

spike smirkguy smirk Both Guy and Spike were so adorable, even though, they were evil, that the fans forgave them all their really, truly, horrendously bad deeds. Both killed indiscriminately. Spike tried to rape Buffy, and Guy actually killed Marian. Pretty bad boys. Yet we love them!guy pretty

Spike leather smoulderspike eyelinerguy looking

Photos from various googled sources. Thanks to all.



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