I Could Have Danced All Night

Hugh_Jackman BoB white shirt       BAFTA2010-19

Continuing my comparison of my love of Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage.

[Interesting bit I found researching for this – in a 2005 interview Richard named Hugh Jackman as one of his favorite actors (along with Gary Oldman, Kevin Spacey and Daniel Craig)! http://bit.ly/10a7dfd]

Both Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage, perhaps unexpectedly for actors who are known for portraying strong action superheroes, started off their performance arts training in musical theater. Both trained as dancers. But while musical theater continues to be an important part of HJ’s career, most recently in his Academy Award nominated turn in the film of the musical Les Misarables, RA made the decision long ago to stick to drama.

hugh-jackman dancing Hugh Jackman “Back on Broadway”

ra dance

Richard went to performing arts school at the age of 14 and became a dancer, working in Cats, My One and Only, and Annie Get Your Gun,


but later realized that being a dancer/performing in musical theater was not the direction he wanted his career to take, using the money he earned to fund a course at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts from 1995-1998.

Hugh Jackman wanted to train as a dancer from the age 0f 10, but it wasn’t until he was 22 in 1990 that he went to study dramatic arts full time, graduating in 1994 from Western Australian Academy.

I’m thinking that it was that dancing training that makes them both such compelling action heroes. After all, fight scenes are choreographed as well as dance scenes!

One of my favorite videos of HJ in The Boy From Oz:

(I actually saw him make a mess of this at some performances, getting tangled up with the microphone, or almost missing the piano! He turned those incidents into hilarious opportunities to ad lib.)

One of my favorite videos of RA as Thorin Oakenshield, not dancing, but fighting:


Two sexy men dancing and fighting. Phew! Must take a cold shower now….



Thanks again to richardarmitagenet.com and hugh-fan.com for the photos. Videos from You Tube.



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